Training Programs

We Train All Breeds, Of All Ages

​​Here at FORRESTGLENN Kennels, we work with all types of dogs, wither we work with puppies or adult dogs you want us to train, you will get outstanding results. For more information about our services and how we can help please contact us. Our services include but not limited to the following: Pet Obedience, and Therapy work, CGC, Start Right puppy training, Beginning to Advance dog Training, We help eliminate bad habits; barking, digging, chewing, house breaking, leash pulling, and other behaviors.  We work on installing good habits/behaviors in your dog.
  1. Puppy Imprinting
    Puppy Imprinting
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  2. Basic Obedience
    Basic Obedience
    (6/one-hour lessons) Basic training. Lessons are; sit, down, come, leash walking, leave it, drop it, get it or fetch, jumping, mouthing, and crate or place training.
  3. Quick Start
    Quick Start
    (4/one-hour lessons). Sit, come, down, place or crate train, loose leash, walking, leave it. PLus.
  4. Step Up to Obedience
    Step Up to Obedience
    (8/one-hour lessons) Covering all basic obedience skills. Specific to client needs. Active client participation.
  5. Trainer Training
    Trainer Training
    (6/one-hour lessons) All basic obedience skills. Train to specific client needs. Working in public. Helping dog socialize. Light owner participation.
  6. Specialized Training
    Specialized Training
    (per session) Specific Sport Dog Training. Show participation training. Service and Therapy dog training. Behavior MOdification Training. Etc.

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Quick Training Tips

Trainging Tip #3
Now it is time to take the show on the road. It is important to train in different places, in different situations, and with different people. Dogs do not generalize very well. Your Dog may have sit and down, while sitting in the kitchen in front of the refrigerator, waiting for a treat. In the park may be a different story. Your Dog will be looking around for the refrigerator. So continue training in different areas, during different times and with different people
Training Tip #1
Teach the Dog what the command means.  Help them a lot at this stage by giving a great deal of rewards.  Keep training session short.  Do 3-4 reps.  Do these reps 4-5 times a day.
Trainging Tip #2
This is the phase where the repetitious work begins. The dog will show you what he knows by needing less help. It is VERY IMPORTANT that you are extra PATIENT at this time and that you do not ask for your Dog to give more than he is capable of giving.
TrainingTip #4
Ok, so now your Dog is trained.  What is next?  Ask your dog regularly to do what you have taught it to do Encourage what you want, reward when you see it!